Flap Barrier TS705

Flap Gate/ Flap Barrier TS705

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Features Flap Barrier TS705
does not have a self-check function, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;
Illegal entries have a prompt alarm function;
anti-punching function. When no opening signal is received, the expansion baffle is locked automatically;
infrared/mechanical double clip function: when obstacles are found during resetting the expansion baffle, the motor will automatically stop working within the specified time and the power is small, and the alarm signal will be sent at the same time;
It has an automatic reset function. After reading a valid card, if there is no part in the time specified by the system, the system will automatically cancel the cross right for pedestrians.
an integrated external electrical interface can be connected with various card readers and can be controlled and managed remotely via a management computer;
all systems operate smoothly with low noise

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